Zicklin Undergraduate Programs

Accountancy BBA


The accounting major in the BBA program prepares students for financial and accounting positions in private industries, nonprofit organizations, and city, state, and federal governments. The program provides

Business Base
ACC 2101 Principles of Accounting 3
ACC 3202 Accounting Information Systems 3
BPL 5100 Business Policy 3
BUS 1000 Introduction to Business 3
CIS 2200 Introduction to Information Systems and Technology 3
FIN 3000 Principles of Finance 3
LAW 1101 Fundamentals of Business Law 3
MKT 3000 Marketing Foundations 3
MGT 3120 Fundamentals of Management 3
MGT 3121 Service Operations Management 3
Required Accounting Major Courses
ACC 3000 Financial Accounting I 4
ACC 3100 Financial Accounting II 4
ACC 3200 Cost Accounting 4
ACC 4100 Financial Accounting III 4
ACC 5400 Principal of Auditing 4
TAX 3300 Federal Income Taxation 4
Suggested Electives for Accounting Majors

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find an informational to guide to help you choose the appropriate courses for your goals.

CIS 4350 Information Technology Audit 3
FIN 3610  / FIN 3710 Corporate Finance / Investment Analysis 3
LAW 3102 Law of Business Organizations 3
LAW 3115 Securities Law and Business Crime 3
OPR 3300 Quantitative Methods for Accounting 3
TAX 4309H Federal Income Tax: Entities (Honors) 3
One advanced statistics course. 3

Please note (exceptions are never made to the following policies):

Eligibility Requirements for Advanced Accounting Electives

Requirements for Transfer Students:

  1. A minimum of 8 credits of 3000 level accounting courses must be taken at Baruch College,
  2. Only courses completed at Baruch College count toward the determination of the GPA,
  3. Transfer credit is not available for 4000 and 5000 level accounting courses.

Please Note: The Zicklin School of Business does not accept Undergraduate Second Degree students into the Accounting Program. (In effect as of Fall 2011) As an alternative, applicants currently holding a bachelor’s degree of any kind are advised to apply for admission to the Zicklin School’s Master of Science (MS) program in Accounting.

Elective Course Information
Advising for Accountancy BBA