Zicklin Undergraduate Programs

Finance BBA

The BBA in Finance is offered by the Department of Economics and Finance. This major prepares students for professional positions with financial institutions, including commercial, investment, and savings banks; brokerage firms; insurance companies; investment advisory services; and finance companies. Students will also be well prepared to enter the finance departments of non-financial corporations, nonprofit institutions, and governmental agencies.

An internship training program is available to qualified day seniors majoring in finance and investments, with 3 credits a semester for 20 weekly hours of work and for no more than two semesters. These credits cannot be counted toward the credits needed for the major.

Students who are planning on future graduate study in finance or business are strongly recommended to include advanced courses in mathematics, statistics, and econometrics in their undergraduate programs.

All finance courses have FIN 3000 Principles of Finance as a prerequisite. FIN 3000 is required of all BBA students.

Students majoring in finance take in addition three required courses and five elective courses. A student must earn a GPA of 2.0 (C) or better in the three required courses to qualify for the finance major (only the courses taken at Baruch count in the 2.0 GPA calculation). In addition, a student must earn a 2.0 (C) average or better in the major to graduate.

Required Courses (9 credits)
ECO 4000 Statistical Analysis for Economics and Finance 3
FIN 3610 Corporate Finance 3
FIN 3710 Investment Analysis 3
Elective Courses (15 credits)

In addition to the three required courses, a student majoring in finance must take a meaningful combination of five elective finance, economics, or insurance courses at the 3000 level or 4000 level. Of these five courses, at least three of the five must be 4000 level finance courses, and at least one of the 4000 level finance courses must be FIN 4610 or FIN 4710. Students may use one or two courses from the following list as electives.

ACC 3000 Financial Accounting I 3
ACC 3100 Financial Accounting II 3
RES 3200 Real Estate Finance and Investment 3
RES 3400 Real Estate Capital Markets 3
RES 4200 Investment Strategies in Property Markets 3
RES 4400 Valuations and Underwriting of Securitized Real Estate 3

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