Zicklin Undergraduate Programs

Real Estate BBA

The BBA in Real Estate offers a strong entry point for undergraduate students who want careers in real estate. With access to skilled professors, networking events with fellow students and real estate professionals, ample work-study and internship opportunities, this program helps students succeed in the classroom as well as the boardroom.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the BBA in Real Estate can go on to gain successful careers in commercial or corporate real estate, property management, lending, government, entrepreneurship, and more. There are many opportunities for students with a real estate major or minor. Graduates are typically positioned for success in careers at real estate investment and development firms, appraisal analysis and market consulting firms, property accounting firms, banks and financial institutions, and regulatory agencies.

Degree Requirements

The BBA in Real Estate requires a minimum of 62 liberal arts credits, 54 credits in business area courses and 3-15 credits in free electives. Students should take FIN3000 and RES 3000 in the first semester of their Zicklin admittance.

Required Courses (15 Credits) Credits
RES3000 Real Estate Law 3
RES3100 Real Estate Principles 3
RES3200 Real Estate Finance and Investment 3
RES3400 Real Estate Capital Markets 3
RES3900* Real Estate Development 3
Elective Courses (9 Credits)
Choose three courses of 3 credits each from the following, at least two of which must be 4000 level courses
RES3300 Real Estate Valuation and Feasibility Study 3
RES3320 Urban Economics 3
RES3550 Analytical Skills in Real Estate 3
RES3700 Real Estate Management 3
RES3800 Real Estate Construction Process: Building, Cost, and Management Issues 3
RES4093 Special Topics in Real Estate 3
RES4200 Investment Strategies in Property Markets 3
RES4400 Valuations and Underwriting of Securitized Real Estate 3
RES4900 Real Estate Development: Case Development 3
RES5000 Independent Research and Readings in Real Estate 3
FIN3610 Corporate Finance 3
FIN3710 Investment Analysis 3
ECO4000 Statistical Analysis for Economics and Finance 3


*Designated Communication Intensive Course

For additional information about the BBA Major program in Real Estate, please contact Ms. Margo Weaker:

Margo Weaker
Director, External Relations and Student Services
Phone: (646) 660-6937
Email: margo.weaker@baruch.cuny.edu