Zicklin Undergraduate Programs

Business Minors for Business Majors (optional)

In addition to the liberal arts minor, official Zicklin majors may choose to pursue a second minor in Zicklin. These minors are available only to Zicklin majors.  Courses that apply to the minor may not be used for any other requirement. These minors do not replace the liberal arts minor.

All students are limited to two minors. The only exception is for International Business majors who are required to have a liberal arts minor and functional minor. IB students may have an optional 3rd minor.


Advanced Business Analysis (Honors Minor)
Business Law
Computer Applications in Business
Data Analytics
Economics and Finance
Entrepreneurship (new requirements starting Summer 2023)
Fintech (available starting Spring 2022)
International Business
Human Resource Management
Leadership and Teams (available starting Fall 2023)
Marketing Analytics
Operations Management
Quantitative Methods and Modeling
Real Estate
Social Innovation