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Alumni Spotlight

Mateja Tokic Zicklin School Honors Valedictorian

Mateja Tokic (BBA ’22) “I came to Baruch as an international student from rural Bosnia. My choice to study Economics was, ironically, purely economic: I came from poverty and decided to choose a degree program that was most likely to guarantee me a stable income in the future. However, my true passion were animals and nature, and I spent my entire childhood rescuing animals and caring for the community where I lived. Once in college, I accepted that my passion and my career would never overlap. 

Still dedicated to do well in my field, I studied hard, maintained high GPA and got accepted into Zicklin Undergraduate Honors Program (ZUHP), where staff and professors helped me not only discover the entire world of ESG, but also pushed me to incorporate topics that are close to my heart such as water conservation or energy efficiency into high-level business courses. Through these relationships, I landed my first internship as an ESG Intern, which later led me to starting a full-time position as an ESG Analyst post-graduation, where I now know that I can earn stable income while doing something that I care for. 

I am forever grateful for the Zicklin Undergraduate Honors Program, from classes that expanded my view of what it takes to analyze and run a business in real life, to personal connections with people who became friends, mentors, and lifelong connections worth nurturing.”