Zicklin Undergraduate Programs

Zicklin Undergraduate Committee on Academic Standing

The Zicklin Undergraduate Committee on Academic Standing accepts appeals from Zicklin students in regard to Zicklin courses. The committee consists of faculty members and administrators who review application requests twice during the regular terms (Fall and Spring). The committee does not meet during the Winter or Summer sessions. Submission of an appeal does not guarantee a favorable decision; the committee weighs all the information presented by the student and arrives at a conclusion based upon the application of college rules and the appropriateness of the request. Students are informed in writing of the committee’s decision.

Types of appeals handled by the committee:
  • Retroactive withdrawal from a class or total resignation
  • Student initiated grade change
  • Request for an extension to resolve an INC grade
  • Request for reinstatement if dismissed
  • Third repeat of a course
  • Curricular adjustments or waivers of academic rules
Submission and Deadlines

All requests should be submitted online through the online appeals system, including a written statement, and supporting documentation: medical notes, professional letter of support, etc.

Appeals should be submitted by early September (1st – 10th) to be presented in the Fall Committee on Academic Standing meeting. If students miss the September deadline the next Committee on Academic Standing meeting will be in early November.

For the Spring semester, appeals should be submitted by early February (1st-10th). If the February deadline is missed, students may submit their appeal by early April.                                                                        

Please note, not all appeals will be presented in the Committee on Academic Standing meeting, depending on the subject matter and content some appeals may receive an immediate decision based on previous approved committee policies.

Deadlines are subject to change, please ensure to check with our office when submitting an appeal.

All appeals must be submitted online, students who may not have access to a CUNYfirst or Blackboard account can email ZicklinUGappeals@baruch.cuny.edu to request the PDF form.

Grade Appeals

Students have a right to understand the rationale for their grades. When a student receives a course grade they believe to be inaccurate, they should reach out to their professor to clarify the grade calculation and address any questions.

First Level of Appeal at ZCAS

  1. If a student believes their final course grade does not accurately reflect their other graded work and performance in the class, they should contact their professor to discuss their options. If the faculty member and student can’t resolve the issue, the student may move forward with a formal appeal.
  2. Once received, the materials will be forwarded to the department for review. The chair will be asked to convene the Committee on Academic Standing meeting, the committee comprises of three to five full-time faculty members. The committee members will consult the student’s professor and, as experts in their field, will review the syllabus and graded work to decide if a grade change is warranted. There are, of course, some limitations to this process, because the committee members cannot assess possible grade components like class participation, or unrecorded class presentations given during the semester. It is worth noting that the course grade may go up, may go down, or it may remain the same, and that the committee’s determination is final.

Follow this guide to submit an appeal