Zicklin Undergraduate Honors Program

The Zicklin Undergraduate Honors Program (ZUHP) is the only honors program at Baruch College that is focused exclusively on business education.  Through a combination of advanced interdisciplinary courses and skill-building extracurricular activities, ZUHP helps students to become polished professionals who are well positioned to become leaders in their fields. To this end, ZUHP has partnered with Executives on Campus to provide students with executive mentors who will guide them throughout their careers in Zicklin.

Honors Students

ZUHP students enjoy a small college experience as part of a cohort of honors students who take small seminar classes, study in their own honors lounge, and network with distinguished executive guests.

The Program Director, Program Advisor, and mentors work closely with students to guide them in their personal and career development. We help our students to achieve their potential; to become successful professionals with the highest ethical standards.

We welcome applications from all Zicklin students with a minimum GPA of 3.6 who desire to work hard, accomplish a lot, and participate actively in our program.


For further information, please contact us at Zicklin.Honors@baruch.cuny.edu or (646) 312-3080.

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Program Benefits:


ZUHP’s innovative curriculum is built around the general minor with honors in Advanced Business Analysis, a group of special interdisciplinary courses designed to work in conjunction with the traditional discipline-based majors. Students are required to take four of these seminars and an honors section of BPL 5100H in order to meet the academic requirements of the Program.

Fall 2019
Spring 2020

The general minor with honors in Advanced Business Analysis consists of 15 credits as described in Option 1 or Option 2 below:

Option 1: (15 credits)
Option 2: (15 credits)