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Events held at the SFSC

Events that have been held at the Bert W. and Sandra Wasserman Trading Floor Subotnick Financial Services Center

SFSC Workshops:

Bloomberg I: Introduction to Equity Research
Bloomberg II: Spreadsheet Analytics using Bloomberg
FactSet I: Introduction to Equity Research
FactSet II: Spreadsheet Analytics using Factset
S&P CapitalIQ: Introduction to Equity Research
Technical Analysis
Analyzing and Monitoring Foreign Exchange Markets
Analyzing and Monitoring Futures Markets
Analyzing and Monitoring Options Markets

Accounting Classes:

ACC 5400 Principles of Auditing Prof. Merchant
ACC 9807 Contemporary Topics in Accounting Prof. Rita Ormsby

International Business:

IBS 9760 International Business Analysis Prof. Andreas Grein

Business Administration and Policy

BPL 5100 Business Policy Prof. Falk and Iatauro
BUS 1000 Virtual Enterprise Prof. Bill Heath
BUS 1000 Introduction to Business Prof. Schnaars and Wymbs

Computer Information Systems Classes:

CIS 2200 Introduction to Information Systems and Technologies Prof. Levecq, Kwan, Lewis, Benbunan-Fich, Sussan and Vagrov
CIS 2200H Introduction to Information Systems and Technologies Honors Prof. Jeremy Graham
CIS 3367 Microcomputer Applications in Business I Prof. Solomon Appel
CIS 4367 Microcomputer Applications in Business II Prof. Goldstein
CIS 3400/4300 Database Management Systems I Prof. Holowczak
CIS 4400 Database Management Systems II Prof. Holowczak
CIS 4800 Systems Analysis and Design Prof. Taksa
CIS 9000 Information Systems for Managers Prof. Weber, Levecq, Lang and Palley
CIS 9440 Database Management Systems II Prof. Richard Holowczak
CIS 9444 Electronic Commerce Prof. Marios Koufaris; and Prof. Norman Johnson
CIS 9555 Information Technology in Financial Markets Prof. Levecq, Weber and Donefer
CIS 9557 Global Information Technology Prof. Dologite

Continuing Education:

FIN 1003 Equity Markets & Portfolio Theory Prof. John Theobald
FIN 1010 Futures and Options Prof. Christopher Ruemke
FIN 1020 Technical Analysis Prof. Christopher Ruemke

Economics & Statistics Classes:

ECON 1001 Microeconomics Prof. Chris Ruemke
ECON 3200 Macroeconomics Prof. Chris Ruemke
ECON 4000 Statistical Analysis for Economics and Finance Prof. Jae Won Lee
ECON 9705 Managerial Economics Prof. Jae Won Lee
ECON 9708 Microeconomics for Managers Prof. Jae Won Lee
ECON 9741 International Economics I Prof. Lewis Liu
STA 2000H Business Statistics I Prof. Ann Brandwein
STA 9000 Regression and Forecasting Models for Business Applications Prof. Larry Tatum
STA 9050 Statistical Analysis in Health Care Administration Prof. Ann Brandwein
STA 9708 Applied Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions Prof. Ann Brandwein; Prof. Wolf; and Prof. Lawrence Tatum
STA 9715 Applied Probability Prof. Ann Brandwein
STA 9722 Special Topics in Statistical Analysis Prof. Wang

Executive MBA Classes:

20 T-4 Advanced Investment Analysis Prof. Joseph Onochie; and Prof. Victoria Dalko
21 T-1 Advanced Investment Analysis Prof. Joseph Onochie
Prof. Jae Won Lee

Finance Classes:

FIN 3000 Principles of Finance Prof. Gulin Afres
FIN 3000 Principles of Finance - Honors
FIN 3610 Corporate Finance Prof. Dahya, Hansen, Ji and Wang
FIN 3710 Investment Analysis Prof. Ling Peng; and Prof. Harvey Poniachek
FIN 4710 Advanced Investment Analysis Prof. Francis
FIN 4720 Futures Markets Prof. Terrence Martell; and Prof. Rentzler
FIN 4750 Options Prof. Giannikos and Rentzler
FIN 4777 Special Topics in Finance Prof. Poniachek; Prof. Weaver; and Prof. Bruce Kamich
FIN 4910 International Financial Markets Prof. Dalko; and Prof. Delong
FIN 4920 International Corporate Finance Prof. Poniacheck; and Prof. Gayle Delong
FIN 9759 Mergers & Acquisitions Prof. Poniachek
FIN 9770 Financial Decision Making Prof. Steven Katz
FIN 9772 Quantitative Tools for Finance Prof. JaeWon Lee
FIN 9775 E-Finance Prof. D. Weaver
FIN 9782 Futures Prof. Rentzler
FIN 9783 Investment Analysis Prof. Francis, Merrick, Harpaz and Katz
FIN 9785 Financial Markets & Intermediaries Prof. Linda Allen
FIN 9786 International Financial Markets Prof. Dalko; and Prof Delong
FIN 9788 International Corporate Finance Prof. Dalko and Tandon
FIN 9789 Equity Markets: Trading and Structure Prof. Bob Schwartz
FIN 9790 Special Topics: Technical Analysis Prof. Aronson
FIN 9790 Special Topics: Debt Management Prof. Hessel
FIN 9792 Advanced Managerial Finance Prof. Chris Hessell
FIN 9793 Advanced Investment Analysis Prof. Merrick and Onochie
FIN 9797 Options Markets Prof. Wolf

Marketing Classes:

MKT 3400 International Business Principles Prof. Nachum
MKT 5550 Products Planning and Development Prof. Lisa Ellis; and Prof. Lilia Ziamou
MKT 9703 Marketing Management Prof. Lauren Block

English Classes :

ENG 3210 Television Journalism: Basics I Student Kadia Lawrence
ENG 9551 Business: Covering Wall Street & The Financial Markets Prof. Geanne Rosenberg

Other Classes:

Microsoft Excel Workshop STAFF
Library Writing Workshop Prof. Arthur Downing
Information Systems Research Workshop
Financial Data & Research Prof. Lewis Liu
LIB 1016 Prof. Lewis Liu
Economics & Finance Club Meeting
Computer Information Systems Club Meeting
Baruch Investment Club Meeting
Women's Financial Association Meeting
GARP - Operational Risk Committee Meeting
PRIMA - Operational Risk Committee Meeting
Wizsoft - User Group Meeting on Data mining
Chinese Investment Banking
Women's Financial Association
MTA - Market Technicians Association

Workshops & Training Events

NYBOT - Simulated Trading Session
Reuters Training
TradeStation Training
Bloomberg Training
Nexco - International Business Seminar
Securities Exchange Board of India - Capital Markets Training Program
Timberlake Consultancy - Development Classroom
Nasdaq Staff Training
ISACA Events - Control & Security of Oracle CANAUDIT Workshop
Chinese Investment Banking - GF Securities - Prof. Tandon
Korean M&A Training Group - Prof. Aloke Ghosh
Executive MBA Excel Workshop - Peter McAlindy
Global Equity Markets Seminar, 2001 & 2002 - Prof. Schwartz & Prof. Weber
IBM Thomas Watson Research Center
Goldman Sachs Bringing Wall Street to 25th Street

Special Live Events:

Alan Greenspan Testimony
U.S. Federal Reserve Board Data Releases
U.S. Federal Open Market Committee Meetings

Other Events:

Baruch Telefund
ITC Event
Student Development CNNFN
Weissman Center - Junior Achievement
Post Graduate Friends Event
University of Houston
University of Limerick
Texas A&M
Bryant College
New York Public Library
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