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The Doctoral Program in Business complies with The GC Governance and The Graduate Center’s Student Handbook, and the Baruch College policies.

All matriculated PhD students receive all email correspondence via their Baruch College email account.

While the Program endeavors to offer as many of the courses as possible, not all courses are offered every semester. It is important to check with individual departments prior to scheduling classes to determine the availability of courses for any given semester.

PhD Program News

Executive Director of the Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Rajiv Vaidyanathan and Teodora Szabo-Douat.

Teodora Szabo-Douat was presented with an honorable mention 2018 Association for Consumer Research / Sheth Foundation Dissertation Award during this year’s Association for Consumer Research (ACR) conference in Dallas, TX. The award included a plaque and grant.

The Sheth Foundation, founded by Dr. Jagdish Sheth and Madhu Sheth, supports academic research primarily in the discipline of marketing. In collaboration with ACR, the Foundation provides grants to PhD scholars conducting dissertations on topics that deal with any aspect of (1) cross-cultural or global consumer behavior or (2) the public purpose of consumer research, which includes studies of social marketing issues or transformative consumer research related to individual, family, societal, or ecological well-being.

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