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Graduate Accountancy Programs

Zicklin offers a Master of Science (MS) in Accountancy and an MBA in Accountancy.

Graduates of these programs satisfy the educational requirements for CPA licensure in New York State.

Differences Between Programs

MS Accountancy


MBA Accountancy
  • Well-suited if you have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and other business areas and desire to pursue a career in public accountancy.
  • Graduates of this program satisfy the educational requirements for CPA licensure in New York State.


  • Designed for students with baccalaureate degrees in fields other than accounting.
  • The MBA Accountancy degree enables you to acquire knowledge and develop competence in overall management as you gain a foundation in accounting theory and concepts.


General Track

Information Analytics (Non-STEM)

Information Analytics (STEM)


General MBA

Credit Range: 30-70*

*Based on academic background:

  • 30-35 credits – students with an Accountancy degree.
  • 35-45 credits – students with a business degree.
  • 45-55 credits – students that have completed the majority of business courses and 1-2 Accounting courses.
  • 55+ credits – students that have non-Accountancy or non-business degrees.


Credit Range:

  • Admitted Prior to Fall 2023: 61-72.5
  • Admitted Fall 2023 and Later: 67-75.5

MS Accountancy


MBA Accountancy

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