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BBA/MS Path to CPA

  • The bachelor’s and master’s pathway streamlines current Baruch’s undergraduate and master’s curriculum, allowing Baruch undergraduate students to complete their master’s degree in one year.
  • The program helps students quickly meet the educational requirements for the New York State CPA licensure.
  • Each student admitted in the program will receive an evaluation.

For information about the process review, visit the Evaluation Process page:

Evaluation Process

Evaluations are completed once students’ degrees are conferred by the Office of the Registrar. All grades must be posted in order to receive your evaluation and register for classes. For students who apply to the program in the Fall entry and are taking courses in Summer Sessions I & II, they will receive their evaluation and registration access closer to the start of the Fall term.

General Business Courses (Non-Accounting):

Baruch Undergraduate Course

Master’s Course Equivalent

The following courses require a grade of C or better.


ECO 1002: Macroeconomics

ECO 9740: Fundamentals of Macroeconomics

ECO 1001: Microeconomics

ECO 9730: Firms in the Global Economy

CIS 2200: Introduction to Information Systems

CIS 9000: Info Technology Strategy

FIN 3000: Principles of Finance


FIN 3610: Corporate Finance

FIN 9770: Corporate Finance

MGT 3120: Fundamentals of Management


PSY 3181: Industrial & Organizational Psychology

MGT 9301: Managing People and Organizations

MKT 3000: Marketing Foundations

MKT 9703: Data-Driven Marketing Management

STA 2000: Business Statistics I

Plus one of the following:

STA 9708: Managerial Statistics

LAW 1101: Fundamentals of Business Law


LAW 3102: Law of Business Organizations

LAW 9800: Intensive Survey Law

3000, 4000, or 5000-level courses in the following subject areas:


11 credits of 9000-level business elective courses

Accounting and Tax Courses:

Baruch Undergraduate Accounting Course

Master’s Course Equivalent

Courses must have been completed within 5 years prior to enrolling in the MS Accounting program. The following courses require a grade of B- or better.


ACC 2101: Principles of Accounting


ACC 3000: Financial Accounting I

ACC 9110: Financial Reporting

ACC 3202: Accounting Information Systems

ACC 9818: Auditing and Acc Info Systems

ACC 3000: Financial Accounting I


ACC 3100: Financial Accounting II

ACC 9804: Intermediate Financial Accounting

ACC 4100: Financial Accounting III

ACC 9805: Advanced Financial Accounting

ACC 5400: Principles of Auditing

ACC 9821: Auditing

TAX 3300: Federal Income Taxation
TAX 9861: Federal Income Taxation: Theory and Practice

Additional notes for transfer credits:

  • Courses must be completed from a degree-granting regionally accredited U.S. college or university or international equivalent.
  • Continuing education courses are not accepted towards waivers.
  • Association of Charter Certified Accountants (ACCA) courses are not accepted towards waivers.

Students with significant accounting work experience may request a waiver of the five-year time limit for the following three courses BUT only if the courses were completed within ten years prior to enrolling in the MS Accountancy program:

ACC 9110 ACC 9821 TAX 9861
  • The waiver of the five-year time limit for the three courses requires approval from the MS Accountancy academic director.
  • The waiver of the five-year time limit will not be granted for any courses other than ACC 9110, ACC 9821, and TAX 9861.

For students, whose courses exceed the five-year time limit with a BBA in Accountancy can consider other MS programs that will meet their CPA requirements.

For information to see which programs fit, visit the CPA Information page.

CPA Information