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MS ACC Waiver Criteria

General Business Courses (Non-Accounting):

Baruch Undergraduate Course

Master’s Course Equivalent

The following courses require a grade of C or better.


ECO 1002: Macroeconomics

ECO 9740: Fundamentals of Macroeconomics

ECO 1001: Microeconomics

ECO 9730: Firms in the Global Economy

CIS 2200: Introduction to Information Systems

CIS 9000: Info Technology Strategy

FIN 3000: Principles of Finance


FIN 3610: Corporate Finance

FIN 9770: Corporate Finance

MGT 3120: Fundamentals of Management


PSY 3181: Industrial & Organizational Psychology

MGT 9301: Managing People and Organizations

MKT 3000: Marketing Foundations

MKT 9703: Data-Driven Marketing Management

STA 2000: Business Statistics I

Plus one of the following:

STA 9708: Managerial Statistics

LAW 1101: Fundamentals of Business Law


LAW 3102: Law of Business Organizations

LAW 9800: Intensive Survey Law

3000, 4000, or 5000-level courses in the following subject areas:


11 credits of 9000-level business elective courses

Accounting and Tax Courses:

Baruch Undergraduate Accounting Course

Master’s Course Equivalent

Courses must have been completed within 5 years prior to enrolling in the MS Accounting program. The following courses require a grade of B- or better.


ACC 2101: Principles of Accounting


ACC 3000: Financial Accounting I

ACC 9110: Financial Reporting

ACC 3202: Accounting Information Systems

ACC 9818: Auditing and Acc Info Systems

ACC 3000: Financial Accounting I


ACC 3100: Financial Accounting II

ACC 9804: Intermediate Financial Accounting

ACC 4100: Financial Accounting III

ACC 9805: Advanced Financial Accounting

ACC 5400: Principles of Auditing

ACC 9821: Auditing

TAX 3300: Federal Income Taxation
TAX 9861: Federal Income Taxation: Theory and Practice

Additional notes for transfer credits:

  • Courses must be completed from a degree-granting regionally accredited U.S. college or university or international equivalent.
  • Continuing education courses are not accepted towards waivers.
  • Association of Charter Certified Accountants (ACCA) courses are not accepted towards waivers.

Students with significant accounting work experience may request a waiver of the five-year time limit for the following three courses BUT only if the courses were completed within ten years prior to enrolling in the MS Accountancy program:

ACC 9110 ACC 9821 TAX 9861
  • The waiver of the five-year time limit for the three courses requires approval from the MS Accountancy academic director.
  • The waiver of the five-year time limit will not be granted for any courses other than ACC 9110, ACC 9821, and TAX 9861.

For students, whose courses exceed the five-year time limit with a BBA in Accountancy can consider other MS programs that will meet their CPA requirements.

For information to see which programs fit, visit the CPA Information page.

CPA Information