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MS Business Analytics Course Recommendations

Course Planning Information
  • Important Course Sequencing Information
    • CIS 9660 Data Mining for Business Analytics has CIS 9650 and STA 9708 as prerequisites.
      • Students planning to graduate in three semesters should complete this course in their second semester so that they are ready to enroll in the capstone course BUS 9430 in their third semester.
    • BUS 9430 Business Analytics Project Lifecycle Management is the required capstone course and is completed later in the program.
      • The prerequisites are CIS 9650 and CIS 9660.
      • Plan your registration for BUS 9430 based on your expected date of graduation.
  • Students can begin taking concentration and/or elective courses as long as the prerequisite(s) are met.
  • As part of their electives, students can take up to 6 credits of 9000-level courses from the graduate offerings of the Zicklin School of Business.
    • Students may take up to 3 credits of internship (BUS 9801-9803 or BUS 9811-9813) toward their business electives.
Course Priority
  • Enroll in STA 9750 (if you were required and are currently in STA 9708).
  • If you have not already taken CIS 9650 and CIS 9340, please ensure that you take them in the upcoming semester as these are additional pre-requisites to upper-level courses.
    • It is highly recommended for students to take CIS 9650 before taking CIS 9655.
    • It is recommended for students to take CIS 9650 (or have some programming experience) before taking STA/OPR 9750.
  • Enroll in CIS 9660.
  • OPR 9721 is offered only in the fall term and OPM (formerly MGT) 9500 is offered in the fall & spring term. Select one to fulfill this requirement.
  • One of the required courses in your chosen concentration (Data Analytics/Marketing Analytics/Accounting Analytics).
  • BUS 9551: Business Communications I and BUS 9425: Ethics in Business Analytics are 1.5-credit courses that are offered in fall, spring and summer terms.
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