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Online MS Marketing – Digital Marketing

Online MS Marketing – Digital Marketing

30 – 33 Total Credits:
Preliminary Credits (STA 9708)*
Required Credits
Elective Concentration Credits
Elective Credits
➤ New Online MS Marketing students

  • Registration is facilitated by the advising team. Students will receive a registration email containing instructions to complete the registration survey. Upon completing the survey, students will be officially enrolled in their courses.
  • The courses for the online program are not visible on the schedule. Therefore, if you register without assistance from Graduate Programs, you may enroll in the wrong courses.
  • Online Marketing students will have an advising stop placed on their records, which will only prevent students from making schedule adjustments.
  • Schedule changes will be made in consultation with an advisor.

Current ONLINE MS Marketing Curriculum

➤ Degree Map

The degree mapping serves as a suggested course schedule, offering term-by-term guidance.

OMKT Degree Map - Fall Entry

➤ Important Registration Information

  • Each course runs for 7 weeks. In the fall & spring, students will typically take one course in the first seven weeks and one course in the second seven weeks of the semester.
  • Spring 1 (2nd 7-week session): Students waived from STA 9708 may take the elective course being offered.
  • Students only need to complete BUS 9551 once; however, the department will decide when BUS 9551 will be offered.
  • Students can only enroll in courses for the online Marketing program. Therefore, you will not have access to other courses.
➤ Academic Program Overview & Expectations

  • Asynchronous Course Modality.
  • Designed to be completed in 2 years.
  • Students will have coursework to complete before the first-class meeting.
  • Class commitment – 19 hours per course per week (includes time to task for completing readings, assignments & coursework).
  • All courses will have groupwork components.
  • Coursework includes weekly assignments, projects and exams.
  • Timeframe provided for exam completion.
  • Virtual faculty office hours.