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Zicklin School of Business

Policies and Procedures

If students have questions or need clarification about a policy, they should contact their respective advising team.

Baruch Graduate Bulletin

academic programs and requirements, policies and procedures (by entering year)

Change in Degree Objective/Program

change from one graduate program to another (e.g. MS to MBA, MS to MS, MBA to MS)

Change in Concentration within Program

change from one concentration within a program to another

Internship Credit / Curricular Practicum Training (CPT)

earn academic credit for internship

Academic Standing / Probation

maintaining 3.0 GPA minimum standard

Replacement of F grade

process to repeat a failed course and receive a F grade replacement

Graduate Committee on Academic Standing (GCAS) / Appeals

process to appeal policy / grade

Pass / No Credit (MBA students only)

process to change the grading option for an MBA elective 

Transfer Credit / Outgoing Permit

process to earn credit for prior graduate course work or take graduate course work outside of Baruch

Leave of Absence

process if you need to take time off from your program


process to apply for graduation

Second & Third Degree Students

policy for students who are earning multiple master’s from Zicklin