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Pass / No Credit (MBA only)

The Pass/No Credit (P/NC) option allows MBA students to take an elective without having the grade affect their GPA. The Pass/No Credit (P/NC) option may only be used towards elective courses. You may opt to use the Pass/No Credit (P/NC) option one time only!  Students may not use the P/NC for any foundational skills, functional skills, required core, or flexible core courses. Students still completing the MBA under the 57-credit curriculum may not use the P/NC for a course within their major.

  • Students in MS Programs are not able to use the P/NC option for any courses.
  • To exercise the Pass/No Credit (P/NC) option for a course, students must apply in the Registrar’s Office.  All deadline dates can be found on the academic calendar on the Registrar’s web site (   Note that the deadline may be different for courses that meet during the 7 week sessions.
  • The registrar applies the Pass/No Credit after final grades have been submitted; the instructor is not informed of the student’s decision.  Applications are available in the Registrar’s Office or can be downloaded here (under Registration Applications):
  • All deadlines for filing for the Pass/No Credit will be strictly enforced.  Please review the Pass/No Credit (P/NC) application for complete instructions.
  • The grade of P (Pass) or NC (No Credit) is not computed in the grade point average.
  • If a grade of NC (No Credit) is received, the student may either repeat the course or select another course; in both cases, a conventional grade will be assigned.
  • Students who are following the MBA Accountancy curriculum cannot apply a Pass/No Credit (P/NC) graded course in accountancy or taxation towards their CPA requirements.