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➤ Student Engagement

Student engagement is a critical aspect of the Zicklin experience.  It plays a significant role in academic success, personal growth, overall well-being, and builds a strong sense of community at Zicklin.

The Office of Graduate Programs encourages students to pursue safe, positive, and inclusive on-and-off campus student engagement opportunities throughout their time at Zicklin.

➤ Benefits of Student Engagement

  • Cultivates collaborative learning among peers, leading to a deeper enriching experience.
  • Develops and/or strengthens leadership, communication, interpersonal, organizational, and other transferrable skills.
  • Helps to expand Zicklin network and build professional relationships and meaningful connections.
  • Increases sense of belonging to the institution and community.
  • Provides another avenue to have fun, explore interests, and make a difference!
➤ Student Engagement Opportunities


Joanna (Young Sin) Kim

Joanna (Young Sin) Kim

Zicklin Graduate Student Ambassador Program
MS Finance

“Participating in the Zicklin Graduate Student Ambassador program has been an enriching experience both professionally and socially. Collaborating with Zicklin administrators and my fellow peers has given me meaningful connections, all of which I will take with me as I graduate. Engaging with prospective students constantly reminded me of why I am studying at Zicklin and the great benefits I am gaining from the program.”

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez

Zicklin Grad Buddies Program
MS Business Analytics

“Serving as a buddy in the Zicklin Grad Buddies program was a fulfilling experience that allowed me to make a meaningful impact on incoming students’ success. Offering positive support, helping them adjust to the coursework, and sharing learning resources helped me develop genuine connections with my peers.”