Zicklin Undergraduate Services

Completing Pre-Business in Current Semester

ZKTP Group – Students completing their last pre-business course(s):
– during Spring for Summer/Fall registration
– during Summer for Fall registration
– during Fall for Spring registration

Will be eligible to enroll for Zicklin courses on their scheduled enrollment date if they meet all three of the following criteria (*see exceptions below)

  1. Completion of 45 units.
  2. Have a current Baruch GPA of 2.3 or higher and a minimum 2.3 average GPA in completed pre-business courses. (When all pre-business courses are completed, the 2.25 rule for admission to Zicklin will apply to both the pre-business courses GPA and overall Baruch GPA)
  3. First semester transfer students will be eligible for ZKTP even without a Baruch GPA. All ten pre-business courses must appear on the student’s Baruch transcript.


Important Information About Being Dropped From Business Courses