Zicklin Undergraduate Services

New Transfer Students Completing Pre-Business

New transfer students who will be completing their last pre-business course(s) in the upcoming semester may be eligible to take one or more of the following 3000-level Business Base courses — FIN 3000, MGT 3120, MGT 3121, and MKT 3000. No permission is granted for any other 3000+ level courses.

Conditional permission will be granted for the Business Base courses MGT 3120 and MKT 3000 if the student:

  1. Is enrolled in their remaining pre-business course(s) at Baruch.
  2. Have completed 60 units by the end of the current semester.
  3. Currently have at least a 2.3 average GPA in their completed pre-business courses

In addition to the above three conditions, to be eligible to enroll for FIN 3000 and MGT 3121, students must meet the following criteria:

  • FIN 3000:  Completion of STA 2000, ECO 1001, ECO 1002, Calculus, and ACC 2101
  • MGT 3121: Completion of STA 2000, ECO 1001, ECO 1002, Calculus, and CIS 2200

* Students will be considered for Business Base courses permission only if their CUNYfirst Baruch transcript shows grades for all pre-business courses being transferred, except AP courses and foreign university transferred courses which will only reflect credit received.

* Students still completing one or more pre-business courses at your home college must submit a final transcript to the Admissions office after completing the course(s) in order to have your Baruch record updated. Permission will not be considered until all pre-business courses being transferred have been evaluated and posted to your Baruch transcript.

The request form is only available during registration. Eligible students will be notified via Baruch email when permission is granted.

Students can submit the permission request online, after all completed pre-business courses have posted onto their Baruch transcript below.