Zicklin Graduate Programs

New MBA and MS Student Advising

Welcome to the Zicklin School of Business! The Office of Graduate Programs provides advising services for students in all Zicklin MBA and MS programs. We look forward to working with you throughout your time at Baruch.

Class Instruction Modes:
Courses are scheduled with in-person, hybrid, and online instruction.  Availability of each instruction mode will vary across programs.  Students should expect to take the majority of their degree program on campus (whether fully in-person or hybrid).  The Schedule of Classes will indicate the mode of instruction for each course, along with any additional notes a student may need to know for scheduling.  The Schedule of Classes is Subject to Change.

Students Returning for a second or third graduate degree from Zicklin (MS Or MBA):
If you have completed required courses or electives through a prior degree, you will need to speak to an advisor for course substitutions. These courses are not waived, as you still need to meet all requirements for the degree, including total credits.  If you completed Business Communication through a prior degree, you will also need a substitution. 

Students seeking NYS CPA-Licensure
Students with undergraduate degrees in Accountancy, who intend to meet NYS CPA-Licensure requirements, should review additional information here:



MS New Student Advising

MS Accountancy and Evening MBA Accountancy New Student Advising

Evening MBA General New Student Advising