Zicklin Graduate Programs

Zicklin Graduate Student Advisors

Students will contact their Program Office for general advising. Staff advisors are available on a regular basis in the Full-Time MBA, Evening MBA, and MS program offices to answer questions about degree requirements, program audits, registration assistance, and other academic issues. In addition, all advising and registration information will be provided by the program offices.

Please note that Baruch College is currently operating remotely and email is the best way to contact an advisor.
Full-Time MBA
(646) 312-3130
NVC 13-280
Evening MBA
(646) 312-3132
NVC 13-280
Evening MBA Accountancy
(646) 312-3140
NVC 13-221
MS Programs
(646) 312-3140
NVC 13-221
MS Business Analytics
 (646) 312-3140
NVC 13-221
MS Programs Accountancy
(646) 312-3140
VC 13-221

Additionally, the Graduate Career Management Center (GCMC) is available to all active students and provides a full range of career management services.

Faculty advisors are also available throughout the academic year to meet with current students and answer questions about course selection, membership in professional associations, and other matters important to your academic and professional development. If you are undecided about course selection we encourage you to speak with faculty advisors in the areas under consideration before making a decision. If your graduate and undergraduate studies are in the same area, faculty advisors can help you select courses that will enhance your prior background.


Discipline Advisor Phone E-mail Office
Accountancy & Taxation Evening MBA ACC students are advised in the MS Programs Office (646) 312-3140 ZicklinGradACC@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 13-221
MS Programs Office – Accountancy (646) 312-3140 ZicklinGradACC@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 13-221
MS Programs Office – Taxation (646) 312-3140 ZicklinMSPrograms@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 13-221
Full-Time MBA Program Office (646) 312-3130 FullTimeMBA@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 13-280
Business Analytics Professor Nanda Kumar (646) 312-3403 Nanda.kumar@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 11-261
Computer Information Systems Professor Michael Palley (646) 312-3362 Michael.Palley@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 11-229
Decision Sciences Professor Arie Harel (646) 312-3394 Arie.Harel@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 11-265
Economics Professor Jae Won Lee (646) 312-3480 Jaewon.Lee@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 10-272
Professor Barry Ma (646) 312-3481 Barry.Ma@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 10-273
Finance Professor Xi Dong (646) 312-3482 Xi.Dong@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 10-252
Professor Giora Harpaz (646) 312-3472 Giora.Harpaz@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 10-290
Professor Sonali Hazarika (646) 312-3513 Sonali.Hazarika@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 10-274
Professor Raj Nahata (646) 312-3473 Raj.Nahata@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 10-294
Professor Liuren Wu (646) 312-3509 Liuren.Wu@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 10-247
International Business & Marketing Professor Andreas Grein (646) 312-3341 Andreas.Grein@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 12-255
Law Professor David Rosenberg (646) 312-3582 David.Rosenberg@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 9-208
Management – Entrepreneurship Professor Elisa Balabram (646) 312-3708 Elisa.Balabram@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 9-251
Management – Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management Professor Molly Kern (646) 312-3673 Mary.Kern@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 9-264
Management – Operations Management Professor Ruth Beer   Ruth.Beer@baruch.cuny.edu  
Management – Sustainable Business Professor Ivan Montiel (646) 312-3631 Ivan.Montiel@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 9-239
Marketing Professor Pragya Mathur (646) 312-3271 Pragya.Mathur@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 11-282
Quantitative Methods and Modeling Professor Arie Harel (646) 312-3394 Arie.Harel@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 11-265
Real Estate Ms. Margo Weaker (646) 312-6937 Margo.Weaker@baruch.cuny.edu 137 E. 22nd St., Room 410
Statistics Professor Ann Brandwein (646) 312-3364 Ann.Brandwein@baruch.cuny.edu NVC 11-269