Zicklin Graduate Programs

Zicklin School of Business Ambassador Program

The Zicklin Graduate Student Ambassador Program will serve as a leadership opportunity for Zicklin graduate students to represent and promote the Zicklin School of Business to prospective students, current students, and the Zicklin community. Student ambassadors will share information on academic programs, support services, and graduate student life. Most importantly, student ambassadors will share their experiences in the campus community and encourage students to utilize the numerous resources and opportunities in maximizing their time and potential in their respective graduate program.  Ambassadors will work closely with the Office of Graduate Programs, Office of Graduate Admissions, Graduate Career Management Center, and the Zicklin Marketing & Communications team to promote student involvement and engagement in campus life. Through their leadership and contribution, student ambassadors will serve as an invaluable and critical resource to the Zicklin community.

Duties and Responsibilities
Eligibility Requirements
Graduate Student Ambassador Skills and Characteristics
Time Commitments

If you have questions about the program, or would like to apply, please contact Nahida Rahim, Assistant Director for Graduate Programs, at Nahida.Rahim@baruch.cuny.edu.