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H. Fenwick Huss

Willem Kooyker Dean of the Zicklin School of Business

Every success story has a key moment that propels the protagonist on a path to achievement. For the Zicklin School one such moment is the year 1919, when the College of the City of New York, a trailblazer in broadening access to public higher education, created a School of Business and Civic Administration—the precursor to today’s Zicklin School of Business.

Preparing this issue of Zicklin Centennial has given all of us at the Zicklin School an opportunity to ponder how our school and its mission have grown. Much has changed since our founding, with the world growing simultaneously larger, through the globalization of business and the economy, and smaller, through the increased connectivity afforded by modern technology. The higher education landscape has changed as well, and modern business schools face complex questions about the relevance and value of the education they deliver.

Yet throughout Zicklin’s history, there are two fundamental elements that haven’t changed: the School’s commitment to providing superior business education that is both accessible and impactful; and our students’ drive to fulfill their professional hopes and dreams.

Highlighted in this magazine are some of the unique ingredients that contribute to Zicklin’s global reputation—chief among them, our engaged faculty; thought-leading centers; innovative, relevant programs and curricula; and diverse, dedicated alumni, who not only enjoy thriving, fulfilling careers but also consider it their duty and privilege to “pay it forward” to other members of the Zicklin community and to society at large.

Today, the Zicklin School of Business is at the forefront of efforts to usher higher education into a new era of value, excellence, and relevance. Our success story is just beginning, with many more chapters to come.


H. Fenwick Huss
Willem Kooyker Dean,
Zicklin School of Business
Baruch College, City University of New York


Paquita Davis-Friday
Senior Associate Dean
Gwen Webb
Associate Dean for Executive Education
Simon Harley
Assistant Dean for Graduate Enrollment