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The Zicklin School of Business can trace its roots back nearly 100 years. In 1919, City College established a School of Business and Civic Administration on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.



Zicklin Competitions

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Competitions are a great middle ground, because you’re working with professionals, you’re working on real teams and projects and a real tight timeframe.

Avi Atkin Entrepreneur & Student at Baruch College, Participant in Makerspace


Business case competitions blend both academics and real world professional skills in a way that prepares students their careers. It gives students the opportunity to learn hands-on business skills in a competitive environment, and integrate those skills in a real world setting. The Zicklin School of Business strongly encourages all its MBA and MS students, as well as undergraduates, to participate in business competitions.

Participating in competitions increases your networking skills, enhances your academic experiences, and prepares you for meaningful careers. Competitions improve teamwork and leadership, and gives participants a chance to explore real business challenges while leveraging  their academic knowledge.

Types of Competitions

There are many types of competitions, they can include:

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The competition has certainly been one of the greatest experiences I had while pursuing my MBA at Baruch.The competition challenged my creativity, and enhanced not only my technical skills but my communication skills, team working skills, time management skills, writing skills and much more. ”

Jessica Salvatore, Second Place, Microsoft Digital Marketing Challenge

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