Mahima Hada (Ph.D., Penn State) is an Associate Professor and Director of Marketing Analytics Programs at the Aaronson Department of Marketing and International Business at Baruch College, City University of New York, NY. Her paper on Referral Equity won the 2016 Naresh K Malhotra Long-Term Impact award, and her paper on B2B referrals was a finalist in the prestigious MSI Paul H. Root Award 2015. Her work on effect of franchisors’ strategies during the recession resulted in her being named the Lang Fellow in 2014. She serves on the ERB of Industrial Marketing Management and the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. She teaches Marketing Analytics and Marketing Fundamentals. In 2017 she received Baruch’s “Excellence in Teaching” Award. She has been invited to be a panel member on Interbrand’s panel on B2B relationships in Fintech and Bloomberg’s Panel on Data Science and Machine Learning.