Yajun Wang is an associate professor of finance at Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business. Before joining the Zicklin School, Dr. Wang was on the faculty at the Robert Smith School of Business of University of Maryland at College Park. Dr. Wang’s research focuses on theoretical market microstructure and its links with asset pricing. Her work in this area contributes to the understanding of (i) how market makers optimally make offsetting trades in the presence of asymmetric information and inventory risk and its impact on asset pricing; (ii) the optimal speed of trading by large asset managers who seek out risks to exploit private information about individual stocks and how the interactions among asset managers affect market stability and liquidity; and (iii) the effects of market frictions such as margin requirements, short-sale constraints, information asymmetry, transaction costs, and imperfect competition on asset prices, market volatility, market illiquidity, and social welfare. She received her PhD in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis.