Academic Departments

Promoting Excellence in Education

To ensure Zicklin graduates are truly “world-class ready,” we continually adapt our curriculum to reflect the latest research and incorporate real-world learning to address the concerns of our rapidly changing global business environment.

Staying ahead of business trends requires the knowledge and hard work of gifted individuals. Our seven academic departments include a diverse range of noted scholars, distinguished authors, sought-after consultants, and master teachers, many of whom are internationally recognized authorities in their fields.

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Stan Ross Department of Accountancy

Offers a rich, multicultural learning experience that will prepare you for a productive career and a lifetime of socially responsible citizenship in the global economy.

Paul H. Chook Department of Information Systems and Statistics

Provides world-class education in the areas of information systems, statistics, and quantitative methods. We cover a variety of technology-related topics, such as data analytics, programming, strategic financial IT, and global issues in IT.

Bert W. Wasserman Department of Economics and Finance

Prepares students to compete in the global economy by offering an extensive range of course offerings, plus the opportunity to earn course credits in substantive internships at commercial banks, investment banks, and other corporate partners.

Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Success nowadays is defined not just by what we know, but by how well we respond to new challenges with novel solutions. Whether it’s within a startup, a large established company, a nonprofit, or a government agency, entrepreneurial thinking can help us deliver value in innovative ways. This approach to seeing opportunity requires the courage to act on our ideas and draws on our imagination, empathy, insight, resourcefulness, and design skills.

Department of Law

Delivers a variety of communications-intensive business law courses for business students who wish to take electives in law, obtain an interdisciplinary concentration in law and policy, or work toward a minor in the field.

Narendra Paul Loomba Department of Management

Sets itself apart by featuring rigorous courses in entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, operations management, and strategy.

Allen G. Aaronson Department of Marketing & International Business

Offers an MBA or an MS degree with three possible tracks in digital marketing, marketing analytics, or international business.

William Newman Department of Real Estate

Covers all aspects of real estate while providing abundant opportunities for internships and networking with industry leaders.