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Accountancy Internships

Internships for Accounting Undergraduate Students
About Our Internships

These guidelines introduce the student to information about the value of internships, how to get an internship and the procedures students need to go through to obtain the appropriate college credit for the work. Parts I and III below are to be followed by all students wishing to obtain college credit for their internship. International Students may also comply with the terms of Part II.

The Internship Program is the purview of the STARR Career Development Center. They are located in Room 12-150 in the Newman Vertical Campus. For more information about undergraduate internships, please visit Internships in the Career Development Center website. Michael Kalish is the Associate Director, Internship Manager in the Starr Career Development Center.

For more information about graduate internships, please visit Internships in the Graduate Career Management Center website.

Internship Policies
  • Under no circumstances can students on F-1 visas perform any employment (paid or unpaid) related tasks without CPT approval.
  • Under no circumstances can any student perform any unpaid employment task without registering for an internship.
  • Failure to comply will result in an immediate denial of the internships.

Internship Timeframe: Internships may start no earlier than the first day of class for the term and must end no later than the last day of examinations (as posted on the Baruch college academic calendar).

Internship Registration Deadlines

Please see Baruch College Academic Calendar for deadlines. No registration codes will be issued after these dates

Instruction Applications

Follow the instructions below to find out how to find and apply for your undergraduate internship.

Part I: Undergraduate Internship for Credit Process
Part II: Steps for International Students
Part III: Post-Internship Instructions to Receive Credit


Department of Accountancy Internship Coordinator
Zeljko Sockovic
Room 12-225
Office Hours: Tuesday / Thursday 1:00 – 3:00pm
Phone: 646-312-3234