Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Welcome to the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

At the Zicklin School of Business, entrepreneurship is a mindset. It’s about seeing opportunities, challenging the status quo, taking risks, and creating value in a constantly evolving business landscape.  

Success nowadays is defined not just by what we know, but by how well we respond to new challenges with novel solutions. Whether it’s within a startup, a large established company, a nonprofit organization, or a government agency, entrepreneurial thinking can help us create and deliver value in innovative ways. This approach to seeing opportunity requires the courage to act on our ideas and draws on our imagination, empathy, insight, resourcefulness, and design skills.  

Whether majoring in Entrepreneurship, minoring in either Entrepreneurship or Social Innovation, or just taking a course or two, students can learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that can help them better navigate and respond creatively to the challenges they will inevitably face in their professional and personal lives. 

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Newman Vertical Campus, room 9-240

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Prof. Scott Newbert

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Prof. Allison Lehr Samuels