Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship

Field Fellow Spotlight

Blossom Chen, Social Media Marketing Intern 

Blossom Chen, Social media marketing intern Age: 20

Major: Graphic Communications

What is your favorite company to follow on social media?

The New Yorker, Buzzfeed, Insider

Favorite things: Food, tea, yoga

Favorite thing to watch: Bobs Burgers, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, GoT

When were you a Field Fellow?  September 2017-Present

What do you now as a Field Fellow? I am a Social Media/Marketing Intern so I regularly write and schedule posts on all our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! I also create the newsletter for the Field Center that gets sent out every two weeks. As a Field Fellow, I analyze our social media content every week to see what works and what doesn’t, keeping an eye on our social media engagement and reach.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Entrepreneurship means taking the extra step to bring your idea to life instead of just dreaming of what could be.

What do you like about working at the Field Center? I like the in-depth experience I get in social media marketing; it’s something I’ve never done extensively before so I’m learning a lot more about social media trends and insights.

Do you have or plan on creating your own business? Maybe one day I’ll have my own design/production business.

Patrick Centeno Field FellowPatrick Centeno, IVE Technology Coordinator

Age: 25

Major: Computer Science

Favorite company to follow on social media: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Favorite things: Play the guitar or piano, write code.

Favorite thing to watch: Mr Robot; WestWorldGame of ThronesBlack MirrorHouse of Cards

When were you a Field Fellow? I started in February 2016

What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Entrepreneurship is taking your own personal skills and passions and applying it to make yourself successful in the business world.

What do you now as a Field Fellow? I am the technology coordinator for IVE and the MakerHub.

What do you like about working at the Field Center? My favorite part about working here is the friendly environment and the emphasis on teamwork and cooperation.

Do you have/plan on creating your own business? My current focus is on advancing my skills and knowledge as a programmer and web developer. I hope to apply this to the business world sometime in the future.

Megan Guard Field Fellow

Megan Guard, Content Creator Intern


Major/Background/Occupation outside of the Field Center (if applicable): Journalism

Graduation date (if applicable): 2017

Favorite company to follow on social media:The New York Times and VICE.

Favorite things: I love to read, write, or hike new trails.

Favorite thing to watch: I just finished watching an amazing first season of Stranger Things, but I’m dedicated to The Walking Dead.

When were you a Field Fellow?: August 2016 – Present

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?: It means overcoming all obstacles and risks to achieve your ultimate goal.

What do you do now as a field fellow?: I am a Content Creator.

What do you like about working at the Field Center?: I enjoy attaining a world of knowledge in business that is otherwise not available in Journalism.

Do you have/plan on creating your own business?: Possibly in the future, I haven’t thought of my own business in complete fruition as of yet.


Quinn McDonald Field Fellow
 Quinn LV McDonald, Graphic Design Intern

Major: Graphic Design at Parsons School of Design
Graduation date: May 2016
Favorite company to follow on social media:  On Instagram it’s between these three: @Complex @Highsnobiety @Hypebeast
Favorite things: Music, art, tech & fashion
Favorite thing to watch: If we are talking about TV, How To Get Away With Murder is it!!!!
Quirky fact about you: My love for music, art, tech & fashion is what lead me to start my vlog channel, “The Q District” back in 2013.
When were you a Field Fellow? I started in November 2015.
What do you do now as a Field Fellow?:  I create print / web designs, marketing materials and other multimedia visuals for the Field Center.
What do you like about working at the Field Center? The Feng Shui, everyone is so pleasant and easy to talk to.
Do you have/plan on creating your own business? I do have a few ideas, but when will they come to fruition? who knows? Right now I just write them down, research and build on them to hopefully create something iconic someday.

Kindra Cooper Field Fellow

Kindra Cooper, former Content Creator Intern

After serving as a Field Fellow for three months, Kindra was promoted to the role of Community Coordinator at the Field Center. 

Age: 23
Major: Political Economics and Multimedia Journalism
Graduation date: June 2018
Favorite company(s) to follow on social media: None! I don’t want anyone to sell me anything on social media.
Favorite Things: just-right coffee, falling headfirst into a book, swimming, badminton, interviewing someone awesome, being surrounded by trees, and reconnecting with old friends. Oh, and the TV show Last Man on Earth! Great existential food-for-thought.
Quirky fact about you: I grew up in Indonesia – tropical paradise with the world’s worst traffic. I was invited to audition for several TV soaps there but didn’t make it because I couldn’t make myself cry on cue. Oh, well!
When were you a Field Fellow? July 2015 – the present.
What do you do now? I am the content creator intern at the Field Center and a freelance journalist for web and print.
Do you have/plan on creating your own business? Honestly? The idea terrifies me. I like having a boss and being told what to do – up to a point!

Bryan  Britt, MakerHub Research InternBryan Britt Field Fellow

Age: 27
Major: Graphic Communications, Minor: Environmental Sustainability
Graduation Date: Spring 2016
Favorite company(s) to follow on social media: I LOVE following National Geographic. I’m really into traveling, so it helps me with the places and activities I want to experience. I’m intrigued by the people on our planet, and National Geographic really fulfills this fascination. I like to follow whatever Elon Musk is doing, because he’s changing the world.
Favorite Things: Being born in Brooklyn, bike riding, hockey, food, traveling, long walks on the beach in the sunset, anything Italian, fashion, near-death experiences, 3D printing, photography, staying in deep thought for long periods of time, chocolate, creating sculptures, pizza, Jordan 1’s, looking at poorly designed ads on the train, candy, Motown music, going upstate, throwing rocks in water, breaking glass, having a great conversation with someone, spending time with my grandparents, gelato, All Saints, and acquiring more knowledge to deepen myself as person.
Quirky fact about you: So complex I’m simple, so simple I’m complex.
When were you a Field Fellow? I became a Field Fellow in February of 2015
What do you do now?  I am currently a student at Baruch, and I am the Maker Hub research intern here at The Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship.
Do you have/plan on creating your own business?  I’m not really focused on creating a business, I’m more interested in branding myself and creating an identity. Ideally, I want to create experiences that impact people and I want to be known for that; whether they love it or hate it, I want people to feel something.