Robert A. Schwartz Center For Trading and Financial Markets Research

The Robert A. Schwartz Center for Trading and Financial Markets Research is the newest center at the Zicklin School. Established in 2018 with support from an anonymous donor, the Schwartz Center is dedicated to promoting the inclusion of trading and security market structure in academic curricula.

The subject encompasses issues concerning order handling, price determination, and trading in a real world, non-frictionless equity market where price discovery is a dynamic, complex process, and quantity discovery is a major challenge for large, institutional investors. 

As globalization and regulatory changes continue to shape the market, it is increasingly important to understand the effects of market dynamics on the execution of investment decisions. The Schwartz Center leads the way, with educational videos, center-driven publications, and an experiential learning  computer simulation  that is  designed to expose academics and students to the realities of trading in a fast moving, dynamic financial market.

The director of the Schwartz Center is Robert A. Schwartz, Marvin M. Speiser Professor of Finance and University Distinguished Professor in the Bert W. Wasserman Department of Economics and Finance. Dr. Schwartz is the author or coauthor of dozens of books and articles on equity trading, market structure,  and related topics. In pursuit of its mission, the Schwartz Center brings to bear an impressive assemblage of subject matter experts both from within the Zicklin School (Dr. Schwartz) and beyond (alumna Deniz Ozenbas, PhD 2002).


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