Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute

Mission & Goals

Fostering the vision of the Institute’s founder, William Newman, the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute serves the students and faculty of Baruch College, New York City’s real estate community, and the broader public interest, with a mission to provide an unparalleled source of non-degree and continuing education, applied real estate research, and timely and relevant conferences. The Institute is driven by a keen awareness of the unique role that real estate plays in the city’s vibrant economy, and the opportunities for advancement that the real estate business has traditionally offered to New Yorkers of diverse backgrounds. Students, nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and the private sector all benefit from the synergy of the Institute’s programming. Our goal is to work creatively and responsively on behalf of these audiences to promote knowledge and opportunity, while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in our classrooms, research endeavors, publications, and events. Through these key activities, the Institute engages the larger civic community that includes its supportive advisory and research panels, extending the Institute, the Zicklin School of Business and importantly, the College’s visibility while nurturing its national and global reputation.

Methods by which the Newman Real Estate Institute accomplishes its mission:
  • Through its professional education programs, the Institute trains practitioners and aspiring real estate professionals through its certificate based program, in an affordable and convenient manner that helps them to succeed in, and contribute to, an evolving marketplace.
  • Through its research, the Institute explores critical issues and trends that challenge the real estate industry and shape its marketplace. Research funding supports the Zicklin School and the College’s goal of expanding knowledge and enhancing their overall reputation while nurturing new collaborative opportunities, nationally and globally.
  • Through its celebrated and highly acclaimed conferences, the Institute acts as a catalyst for, and ensures its leadership role in, solution based thought, bringing students, faculty, and community together in important dialogue for the purposes of expanding and enriching industry knowledge.
Strategic Goals
  1. Promote Knowledge and Visibility. We will continue to promote the visibility of the Institute, the Zicklin School of Business, and Baruch College through cutting-edge research and publications that explore and analyze the most important trends and challenges now facing the city’s real estate sector. In addition to traditional subject matter, our research engages issues affecting the broader community, including affordable housing, energy asset management, new building technologies, zoning law, sustainable neighborhoods, climate change impact and resilience.
  2. Deepen Community and Outside Engagement. We will continue to strengthen our ties with the city’s various stakeholder communities through meaningful conferences that address relevant, critical issues pertaining to real estate. As with our research, conferences will examine subjects within the traditional scope of the real estate business and topics that affect the quality of life for stakeholders in the broader community.
  3. Foster Opportunities through Non-academic Programming. We will continue to pursue the Baruch College tradition, as a constituent college of CUNY, of fostering opportunities for New Yorkers, the tri state area and nationally, from diverse backgrounds. We teach marketable, focused skills which students can apply in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. By enhancing the Institute’s non-degree and continuing-education offerings, especially through the use of flexible scheduling via asynchronous/synchronous online courses, and new technologies, we seek to multiply the paths available for nontraditional and mid-career students.
  4. Strengthen Our Financial Foundation. In order to successfully achieve its mission and strategic goals, the Institute will continue to seek out and sustain the support that is required to do so. Integral to this process are advisory board engagement, enhanced donor support, expansion of corporate sponsorships and the relentless pursuit of RFPs and funding opportunities.
  5. Collaborate Strategically. We will work closely with partners throughout the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, CUNY and outside nonprofit, public and private sector organizations, to achieve the mission and strategic goals of the Institute, the Zicklin School of Business and the College.