Weissman Center for International Business

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Contact the Weissman Center for International Business

Myung-Soo Lee, Professor of Marketing and International Business
Please call 646-312-2082 to make an appointment.
E-mail: Myung-Soo.Lee@baruch.cuny.edu

Director Emeritus
Terrence Martell, Saxe Distinguished Professor of Finance
Tel: (646) 312-2075
E-mail: terrence.martell@baruch.cuny.edu

Deputy Director
Lene Skou, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law
Tel: (646) 312-2074
E-mail: lene.skou@baruch.cuny.edu

Associate Director
Justine Kharnak
Tel: (646) 312-2221
E-mail: justine.kharnak@baruch.cuny.edu

Director of Study Abroad
Dr. Richard Mitten
Tel: (646) 312-2076
E-mail: richard.mitten@baruch.cuny.edu

Associate Director of Study Abroad
Christopher Tingue
Tel: (646) 312-2104
E-mail: christopher.tingue@baruch.cuny.edu

Assistant Director, Global Student Certificate Program/IB & Work Abroad Coordinator
Sarah Demetz
Tel: (646) 312-2073
E-mail: sarah.demetz@baruch.cuny.edu

Research Director
Mert Demir
Tel: (646) 312-2081
E-mail: mert.demir@baruch.cuny.edu

CSR Project Lead Analyst
Alex Schwarz
Tel: (646) 312-2234
E-mail: alex.schwarz@baruch.cuny.edu

Administrative Specialist
Ruthy Gascot
Tel: (646) 312-2082
E-mail: ruthy.gascot@baruch.cuny.edu

IT & Administrative Coordinator
Vitaly Berdyakov
Tel: (646) 312-2078
E-mail: vitaly.berdyakov@baruch.cuny.edu

Weissman Center contact information:
Weissman Center for International Business
Baruch College/CUNY
137 East 25th Street
8th floor
New York, NY 10010
Tel: (646) 312-2070
E-mail: weissman.center@baruch.cuny.edu