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Course Equivalency

At Baruch College, credit for study abroad is awarded strictly on the basis of course equivalency. What this means is that any course you take at a foreign university or study abroad program must closely match a course offered at Baruch in terms of content and academic level. All Baruch students who study abroad must have the Study Abroad courses approved in advance whenever possible. All decisions regarding course equivalencies for foreign university courses are made by the chair or designated representative of the relevant Baruch department.

When completing your Application to Study Abroad, you will be asked to find courses at the host institution, obtain syllabi or other documentation to help the departments make the decision, and suggest an equivalent Baruch College course. Detailed instructions on how to choose and enter courses for your Application to Study Abroad are given below.

Academic Policies and Study Abroad


Course Prerequisites
Eligibility to take Business Courses Abroad
Study Abroad Credit Limits
Zicklin Graduate Student In-residence Credit for Exchanges
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