C. V. Starr IEL Fellowship Application Part 2

If you found your own independent internship or you are participating on a program for which a program fee less than $1000 is required, you will receive your fellowship all at once upon your return from the experience.

If you applied for Part 1 of the fellowship, you will also complete Part 2 to receive the remainder of the fellowship.

As soon as you have secured your placement, you should apply for Part 2 of the fellowship. The application must be submitted and complete no less than 10 days before your departure from New York.

Part 2 of the application includes:

The application is reviewed by an evaluation committee designated by the Weissman Center for International Business. Depending on the available budget, safety considerations, and other factors, not all applications may be approved. Students will be notified of the amount they may expect to receive.

Upon return, the Intern Abroad Coordinator will send a testimonial form and an online survey about the experience. Students must complete both in a timely manner to receive the award. The testimonial may be shared with the C.V. Starr Foundation, which supports the fellowship.

Recipients of a C.V. Starr International Experiential Learning Fellowship are expected to apply their award towards the program listed in the student’s application packet. If used for another purpose, the award must be returned.

Fellowship Application: Part 1