Weissman Center for International Business

Graduate Student Programs

A Special Note on Programs for Graduate Students

Graduate students are also strongly encouraged to study abroad. Many of the general considerations in choosing a study abroad program will apply to graduate students as well.

Because their programs of study at Baruch are typically shorter than those of undergraduates, graduate students have less opportunity to study abroad. Since the graduate-level courses at Baruch are more specialized, obtaining approval of courses taken abroad for Baruch graduate credit requires students to choose wisely. None of this represents an insurmountable obstacle to studying abroad even for a semester, but it does require very careful planning. If you are a graduate student considering studying abroad, speak to your Advisor, and make an appointment with Director of Study Abroad at Baruch to discuss your plans as early as possible.


Graduate students are eligible to participate in several of Baruch’s exchange programs. For a list of those which accept graduate students, please refer to the list of our exchange partnersSemester-long Study Abroad Programs may also offer graduate-level courses.

Winter Intersession Programs

Graduate students who are unable to consider spending a semester abroad may, however, choose to study on winter intersession program in France organized by the The Weissman Center for International Business in association with our partners in Lyon, France, the University of Lyon School of Management.

Graduate students are also welcome to study on programs that are not on the recommended list. To do so, they must submit a petition to and obtain the permission of the Director of Study Abroad.

Graduate internships

MBA students in the Zicklin School of Business may also apply for a paid summer internship in Seoul, Korea, or in Valencia, Spain. Please contact the International Business Internship Office in the Weissman Center for International Business for details about the deadlines and specific requirements.