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Application Checklists

Parts of the Application
Student Profiles:

The student profile section asks basic demographic information about you as well as information about your academic record, your major, minor, student status, etc. In the Profile section you are also asked to provide us with the name and contact information for the faculty member you would like to ask to submit a recommendation for you.

Faculty Recommendation:

As part of your Application to Study Abroad you are required to have a recommendation submitted in support of your application by a faculty member. The faculty will be contacted by the Study Abroad Office, and he/she will submit the recommendation online. You will be asked to provide the name and official e-mail address of the faculty member you will be asking to submit the recommendation, along with a list of the class(es) you have taken with her or him. While it is advisable to have your recommendation submitted by a member of the Baruch faculty, it is not required. However, the recommendation should be submitted by a faculty member who has taught you within the last two years.  You should also inform the faculty member that your Application may not be considered until we have received the faculty recommendation.


In the Programs section you will be asked to select the program(s) you wish to apply to. You can choose from the list of approved programs on the Study Abroad Program database. You may also submit a petition to apply to study abroad on a program that is not listed.

In this section you will also be asked to provide detailed answers to questions about the program and destination you have selected. Please note: You may apply to study abroad on as many programs as you like, but each program requires that you submit a separate set of aims for studying on that program.

Course Equivalencies:

This section requires you to submit a Course Equivalency Approval Request (CEAR) for each course you wish to take abroad. CEARs are of two types:

  • Previously approved courses (these are found in the Course Equivalency Database)
  • Requests for approval of new courses (for these you must complete new CEAR forms)

After you have completed all parts of your application, you will be prompted three times to submit it. We do this to enable you to review your application and make any corrections you wish. Once you have submitted your Application to Study Abroad, you will not be able to make any changes to it unless it is returned to you by the Study Abroad Office.

Application Checklists for Study Abroad Programs

Please read this checklist carefully. It is designed to help guide you through the entire study abroad application process. Study Abroad Advisors are here to assist you in dealing with any problems that may arise. Please consult with us early and as often as needed at (646) 312‐2090 or (646) 312‐2091. You may also come by during our walk‐in office hours. Please consult the Study Abroad website, which contains more detailed information about the application process.

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