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Application Process

The Study Abroad Application process is simple and straightforward. Every step of the application process is administered through the Baruch Study Abroad Office. You begin the study abroad application process by visiting the Study Abroad Office during walk-in office hours. Please allow at least 20 minutes for this meeting. Appointments outside office hours are made for exceptional situations. Please contact the Associate Director of Study Abroad to schedule an appointment.

At this meeting, the Study Abroad Advisor will review with you the application process and any special requirements or restrictions that you must observe.If, at the end of your visit you feel that you are ready to apply for a study abroad program, a Study Abroad Advisor will enter the authorization that will enable you to submit an online Application to Study Abroad.

Please note: Your identification must be in the advising scheduling system in order for you to be authorized to submit an online application. You will not be able to log on to the online application unless the Study Abroad Office has authorized you to do so. Please make certain that the Study Abroad Advisor knows of your intention to submit an Application to Study Abroad, and that you receive an email from the Study Abroad Office inviting you to access the Study Abroad Application Portal.

If you are not a Baruch student applying to a Baruch program, please consult the following information sheet regarding any special requirements that apply to you. Notify the Study Abroad Advisor that you are not a Baruch student, because you require a special authorization procedure to gain access to the Study Abroad Portal.

Don’t forget the deadlines to submit your Baruch Application to Study Abroad:

October 1 For programs during the January Intersession or Spring Semester
March 15 For programs during the Summer Session, Fall Semester  or Academic Year

Once you have been given access to the Portal, you can begin working on your online Baruch Application to Study Abroad:

  Apply Now

Academics & Course Credit

When completing your Application to Study Abroad, you will be asked to find courses at the host institution, obtain syllabi or other documentation to help the departments make the decision, and suggest an equivalent Baruch College course.

Additional Study Abroad Requirements

Once your Application to Study Abroad has been submitted, reviewed and approved, there are some additional steps to be done, depending on the type of program you have applied for.

Application Checklists

The Study Abroad Office has prepared checklists to help guide you  through the application process for study abroad.

Before You Depart

In this section we want to give you a few suggestions about how to get started thinking about the new culture you will be encountering, and how best to make the most of that encounter, and to offer some links about health and safety while studying abroad.

Conditional Permit

The Conditional Study Abroad Permit is a document that allows you to be officially registered for an approved study abroad program prior to departure, without requiring you to have your courses approved in advance.

Course Equivalency Approval Request

All Baruch students who study abroad must have the courses they wish to take abroad approved by the chair of the relevant Baruch department. The Course Equivalency Approval Request (CEAR) Form has been designed to facilitate the approval of courses at foreign institutions.

Passports & Visas

If you do have a passport, make certain that it is valid until for at least six months after the end of your proposed study abroad program. Most semester study abroad students will need a student visa. Visa requirements vary from country to country, and regulations may change at any moment.


Every Baruch student who wishes to study abroad will need to complete at least two applications. The first is the Baruch online Application to Study Abroad. The second application you will be submitting will typically be to the specific Study Abroad Program or the host university.

Applications Deadlines
Application to Study Abroad October 1st – Winter & Spring
March 15th – Summer & Fall
Study Abroad Program or Host University Each sponsor or host institution will have its own deadlines.

Please note: Some of Baruch’s exchange partners have application deadlines that are earlier than Baruch’s deadline for the Application to Study Abroad. If you are considering a Baruch exchange program, we strongly advise you to visit the Study Abroad Office as early as possible, to allow you to complete and submit your Application to Study Abroad and your application to the host university before these internal deadlines.

Completing Your Application to Study Abroad

Anyone wishing to study abroad for Baruch College credit must submit and have approved a Baruch College Application to Study Abroad. In order to be able to complete this application, you must be given authorization by the Study Abroad Office to access the online Study Abroad Application Portal. All Applications to Study Abroad are processed through the Study Abroad Office.

The Baruch Application to Study Abroad determines your overall eligibility to study abroad and how well the study abroad program you have applied to attend will enable you to achieve the overall academic and cultural learning goals you have for studying abroad. It is a thorough application, but has some built-in features that will enable you to complete many of the sections quickly, so that you can devote your time to thinking and writing about your aims for studying abroad, and the effect that this experience will have on your academic and long-term professional goals.

Please note: The Study Abroad Office will prepare any documents that you have submitted for your Baruch Application to Study Abroad (such as a faculty recommendation) that can be used for other applications. Please notify the Study Abroad Office if you wish to have this done.

The online Application to Study Abroad is simple to use.  If you require any further assistance, please come to the Study Abroad Office to speak to an Advisor. If you have difficulty with any part of the application, moreover, you can have an Advisor help you complete your application on one of the computers in the Study Abroad Resource Room (next to the Study Abroad Office). It is advisable to call in advance to make an appointment if you know you will need assistance in completing your application.