Weissman Center for International Business

Financing Your Study Abroad

Studying abroad is affordable, but, as with your coursework, it is very important to plan early and compare your study abroad options carefully. The study abroad opportunities Baruch offers vary widely in cost, depending on the type of program, length of stay, country of destination, and what the program fee includes (accommodation, food, excursions, etc.).  Use the Study Abroad Budget Worksheet we have prepared to help you compare the costs of up to 3 different programs side by side.

The Budget Worksheet lists all the expenses that we anticipate you might reasonably have for a study abroad experience. If you find an item on the Budget Worksheet that is not listed in the information published  by the provider or host institution, you should contact them to clarify the matter. Make certain as well that you understand that the program fee is not the same thing as the overall cost of attending the program, which is nearly always higher.

If cost is a major factor in your decision, talk to the Study Abroad Office. We will help you explore less expensive countries or cities, more economical program types, or shorter programs.

Tuition and Fees

You are required to pay tuition for any type of study abroad experience through Baruch College, and you will also have additional costs for airfare, housing, local transportation, books, etc. But there are several different ways to pay these fees, depending on the sponsor of the program and the policies of the institutions themselves. Below are the different program types and the where a student pays applicable tuition and fees.

Any Baruch or CUNY Exchange
Any Study Abroad Program sponsored by Baruch College
Any Study Abroad Program sponsored by another CUNY College
A Semester-long Study Abroad Program sponsored by a non-CUNY College or other sponsor
A Semester spent at a foreign university or other institution through Direct Enrollment
A short-term Study Abroad Program sponsored by a non-CUNY College or other sponsor

Please remember to follow the instructions you receive from the Study Abroad Office and the sponsor or foreign institutions regarding the deadlines for and means of any payments.