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Scholarships and Study Abroad

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Study Abroad

Baruch students often receive scholarships and fellowships to help them finance their study abroad experiences. Each of these scholarships or fellowships has its own requirements about which students are eligible to apply, the minimum duration of eligible study abroad programs, and in some cases restrict eligibility to certain geographical regions or countries. Moreover, each scholarship or fellowship will set deadlines for the submission of applications. You are strongly encouraged to begin researching scholarships and fellowships as early as possible, and to apply for any scholarship or fellowship for which you are eligible.

The information below is not exhaustive, but it will provide you with the basic information you need about the scholarships or fellowships to which Baruch students most often apply.

Getting Advice on Scholarships for Study Abroad
Certifying Applications for National Scholarships
Scholarships and Fellowships for Study Abroad