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Conditional Permit

Conditional Permit

Many foreign universities do not announce their semester’s courses in advance, it is sometimes impossible for students to know before they leave in which courses they will enroll. The Conditional Study Abroad Permit is a document that allows you to be officially registered for an approved study abroad program prior to departure, without requiring you to have your courses approved in advance. To apply for a Conditional Permit, you are required to submit a signed Conditional Study Abroad Permit Acknowledgment Form before you will be issued a Study Abroad Permit. You are bound by the provisions listed on this form even if you neglect to sign it.

Conditional Permits are usually given to:

  • Students who attend the New York-Paris Exchange
  • Students whose host universities do not publish syllabi online or make them available to students in advance
  • Students who cannot register for their courses until they arrive at the host university
  • Students who wish to take 3000+ level business courses abroad and who are currently finishing the Zicklin pre-business requirements

If you receive a Conditional Study Abroad Permit, you must enroll for at least 12 transferable credits per semester at the host institution. However, because you were unable to obtain approvals of your courses in advance, you need to begin work on obtaining these approvals immediately upon arrival.

As soon as you have begun your classes, you need to obtain syllabi for them or other equivalent documentation and contact the Study Abroad Office to have your online Application to Study Abroad returned to you. Once it is returned to you, you will need to complete new CEAR forms for each course you are taking by uploading the course syllabus or other documentation, adding the additional requested information about the course, and entering a proposed Baruch course equivalency. Remember to resubmit your application when you have finished!

You will not receive credit for courses taken abroad unless they have been approved by the appropriate Baruch department and by the Baruch Registrar’s Office. If you wait until later than mid-way through the Baruch College semester, you may be forced to lodge an appeal for retroactive credit. It is in your best interest to submit all necessary documentation on your courses to the Study Abroad Office in a timely manner.