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Baruch students may study abroad on any approved program that is academically challenging and that promotes engagement with the local culture. There are different ways to distinguish study abroad programs, but for convenience we have grouped them up by program type—the program’s administrative structure, what tuition is charged to participants and to which institution it is paid, and the level of student support services the program offers, etc.—and by duration of program:


Types of Programs

Exchange programs are based upon signed agreements between Baruch and its partner universities abroad. If you participate in an exchange, you will study for one or two semesters as a visiting student at one of our partner universities.

Direct Enrollments

In this type of study abroad experience, students enroll as a visiting student directly in a university or other institution of higher education with which Baruch does not have an exchange agreement.

Sponsored Study Abroad

Sponsored Study Abroad Programs available offers Baruch students an opportunity to study in many locations in which Baruch or CUNY does not have an exchange program, and allows students to study in a country in whose language they are not fluent. Sponsored Study Abroad Programs may be short-term, a semester or year-long.

Duration of Programs
Semester Programs

The programs listed here represents those which Baruch College recommends and which offer academically sound courses and good student support.  These include exchanges, sponsored study abroad programs and direct enrollment programs.

Summer Programs

Summer programs vary in length and can take place at varying times during the summer. Most are between 4-6 weeks in duration and offer an intensive and focused international experience.

Winter Programs

Winter programs are usually 3-4 weeks in length. The programs for the winter are usually available on the website by early September.