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Choosing A Program

While there are dozens of different destinations  to choose from, there are literally hundreds of different programs that can help you study abroad. Don’t let the sheer numbers discourage you, because study abroad programs can be grouped broadly into a few distinct types. Each type of program offers different components, and even the same types of programs vary considerably in terms of features, quality and  cost. Some programs are designed to give students a first introduction to the world beyond the United States’ borders, while others incorporate extensive travel as a way of discovering various cultures. Some programs emphasize enrollment in a foreign university, while others offer extensive field work with local communities in developing countries. Some are Anglophone programs in non-English language countries, while others offer complete linguistic, academic and cultural immersion. Here are some tips when deciding what kind of program is right for you:

  • What is it about the geographic location of the program that interests me?
  • Whom is this program designed for?
  • What level of contact with the host country culture will this program afford me?
  • What language is the program taught in? Am I fluent enough to take a class taught in the language of the country? Does this program offer that option?
  • Are there specific degree or major requirements I need to fulfill while abroad? Does this program offer those courses?
  • Who will my classmates be? Other students from the US? International students? Local students?
  • How does this program help me advance towards graduation? Towards a career?
  • What are the housing options on this program? Are they arranged by the program? Will they provide a meaningful contact with host country locals?
  • How structured or open is this program? Will I have free time or will all my time be scheduled?
  • What does the program fee cover? What is not included?
  • Will I be allowed to use all my financial aid on this program? Are there scholarships available?
  • Is my GPA high enough to meet the requirements of this program?
Petitioning for a New Program

The Study Abroad Programs listed on the Study Abroad website are all recommended by the Study Abroad Office. These programs are sponsored by institutions that in the past have offered academically sound courses, promoted cultural engagement and provided adequate auxiliary student services. Yet there are many fine and reputable programs that are not on the list of recommended programs. You may petition to attend semester, summer or winter programs that are not currently on the lists of programs on the Study Abroad website.

However, all petitions to study abroad on a non-recommended program require the approval of the Baruch College Director of Study Abroad. Please come to the walk-in advising hours to begin a petition for a new program.