Weissman Center for International Business

Direct Enrollment

In this type of study abroad experience, students enroll as a visiting student directly in a university or other institution of higher education with which Baruch does not have an exchange agreement. Students who directly enroll in a foreign university enjoy the same kind of immersive experience as students who participate in an exchange: you study alongside regular degree candidates in normal university courses (provided you meet the requirements and have the language proficiency), or enroll in the English-language courses these institutions offer.

Like exchange programs, direct enrollment is an option for students who are independent and self-sufficient, who seek a deeply immersive experience, and for whom cost is an overriding factor. Similarly, if you choose to apply directly to a foreign university instead of using a sponsor that will facilitate your enrollment in the foreign institution, you will be dealing with the local university officials for student services.

However, unlike with an exchange program, you will pay your tuition and fees directly to the host university. (You are also responsible for the costs of transportation, housing, etc.) This can sometimes be a very cost-effective means of studying abroad.

Most Direct Enrollment opportunities are available for semester-long or year-long study abroad, but some foreign universities offer short-term programs that may qualify (some in January, most in the Summer).