Weissman Center for International Business

Student Resources

Student Eligibility

Any student in good academic standing is potentially eligible to study abroad. However, there are policies and other considerations that help determine whether and when you may study abroad.

Choosing a Destination

Most students’ first impulse, when deciding where to study abroad, is to narrow the choice down by country. But there is more to location than that.

Exchange Student Resources

Baruch College accepts exchange students at both the undergraduate and graduate (post-graduate) levels. If you are a student at one of Baruch’s partner universities and wish to study at Baruch as a visiting exchange student, you must apply through and be nominated by your home institution.

Graduate Student Programs

Since the graduate-level courses at Baruch are more specialized, obtaining approval of courses taken abroad for Baruch graduate credit requires students to choose wisely.

Returning Students

Welcome back! Although you have returned from your study abroad term, your learning experience is not quite over.

Students Currently Abroad

Your time abroad should be focused on academic, cultural, and experiential learning. You should become involved in student and cultural life as much as possible while you are abroad; it is a unique opportunity, so make the most of it.