Weissman Center for International Business

Preparing to Arrive

Once the Study Abroad Office has received all of your application documents, we will contact you by email about all of the arrangements, so please make sure that you regularly check the email address that you provide on the application.

In the meantime, you can begin to prepare yourself for your visit by visiting some web sites that provide some helpful information. The online Student Guide and Tutorial for International Students prepared by the CUNY University-wide Office of Admissions is a great resource. These tutorials were prepared by the International Student Service for incoming degree candidates, so some of the information will not be directly applicable to your study as an exchange student, but scroll down to the section on Living in New York to find out more about life as a student in New York.

The NYC Data website is an initiative of the Weissman Center for International Business at Baruch. The NYC Data website provides a wealth of information about numerous aspects of New York City, and learning more about this great city before you arrive will help you enjoy your time even more.

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