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Course Registration

Registration for all students at Baruch, including exchange students, is done according to assigned registration dates. These dates are staggered, and earlier dates are given to certain classes of students. Exchange students have favorable registration dates, but it is important to stress that there is intense competition for many courses at Baruch, especially advanced undergraduate courses in Accountancy, Finance, Communications Studies, Economics and Marketing. Every semester dozens of Baruch College undergraduate degree candidates are unable to secure a place in any section of a course they want in a given semester. It is therefore very important that we receive your course requests as early as possible. Remember that, as an exchange student, you need to have special permission entered into the registration records before you can register. This requires time, so please make certain that you complete accurately and submit your Application as early as possible.

You also need to be flexible about the courses you want to take at Baruch and be prepared to accept alternatives. You are required to choose and rank in order of preference 12 prospective courses, because a place in one or more of your most preferred courses or sections may be unavailable on your registration date. We will do our best to obtain a place for you in all courses for which you have been approved, but please understand that we cannot guarantee any exchange student a place in any specific course or any specific section. This is especially true if you do not submit your Application and your supporting course materials by the deadlines indicated.

However, the specific timing and to some extent the procedures for registering undergraduate exchange students are somewhat different from those for graduate exchange students.

Undergraduate Registration
Graduate Registration