Weissman Center for International Business

Students Currently Abroad

We hope you are enjoying and making the most of your study abroad opportunity. Your time abroad should be focused on academic, cultural, and experiential learning. You should become involved in student and cultural life as much as possible while you are abroad; it is a unique opportunity, so make the most of it.

Even if you have prepared yourself well for study abroad, living and studying abroad will confront you with new experiences that you had not anticipated. As was mentioned in the section on preparing to study abroad, these experiences, and the ambiguous or sometimes conflicting feelings they engender, are a normal part of adjustment to your new environment. Should you encounter difficulties, please seek help locally immediately. If you are unable to resolve the problem, you should contact the Study Abroad Office. We can only help you if we know that you have a problem. The Center for Global Education provides a helpful online Study Abroad Student Handbook to help inform you about some of the everyday issues your will face living abroad.

But there are a few administrative matters you need to be aware of, and some you need to attend to, in order to ensure that you receive full credit for your work abroad, and that your transition back to Baruch goes smoothly. We in the Study Abroad Office will do whatever we can to help you meet all your deadlines and obligations throughout the application process and while you are abroad. We have provided information to help you make sure you are administratively on track for a smooth “re-entry” into Baruch.

Academic and Financial Aid Matters while Studying Abroad
Full-time Status during Study Abroad
Registration at Baruch for the Semester You Return
Taking Course Prerequisites Abroad
Extending Your Study Abroad