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Student Eligibility


Any student in good academic standing is potentially eligible to study abroad. However, there are policies and other considerations that help determine whether and when you may study abroad. Many of the items listed below are only policy guidelines; consequently you should NOT assume that you would be automatically prevented from studying abroad if one or more of these eligibility restrictions were to apply to you. We always consider special cases, so please contact the Study Abroad Office if you would like to discuss your specific situation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • GPA. While exceptions are sometimes granted, the minimum overall GPA requirement to study abroad ranges between 2.75 and 3.0 or higher, depending on the program. For questions on specific situations, contact the Director of Study Abroad.
  • At least one semester of grades on your Baruch transcript. To be eligible to apply to study abroad, students must have at least one semester of grades on their Baruch transcript.
  • Graduating seniors. Students may not study abroad in the same semester they plan to graduate. If you wish to study abroad in what would have been your last semester at Baruch, you are required to delay your graduation by at least one graduation cycle, to ensure that your credits and grades can be posted.
  • Studying abroad in your home country. Sometimes students wish to study abroad in their home country for various reasons. Baruch College normally allows this only if you have been living outside your home country for at least five years.


First-Year Students

Transfer Students

Graduate Students

Non-Baruch Students