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Three Ways to Study International Business at Baruch

Think of a Career in International Business or International Marketing

Your studies in international business or international marketing can lead to a job in a big multinational enterprise, an import-export company and many other kinds of firms.

As a global center for operations and finance, New York is the headquarters of hundreds of major multinationals, both US and foreign-owned. These far-flung enterprises need managers and professionals prepared to do business all over the world.

With its extensive air and seaport facilities, the region also is a pre-eminent location for international trade. Its many import-export firms require people well-trained in foreign credit operations, documentation, freight forwarding, customs brokering, logistics and international market research.

In New York, international business assumes many other forms as well. The city is home to thousands of enterprises linked to the global economy in:

  • banking, insurance and finance;
  • telecommunication and transportation;
  • retailing and real estate;
  • architecture and engineering;
  • advertising and consulting; and
  • entertainment and publication.

All of them need professionals and managers who understand current international business strategies and operating techniques.

Learning in this capital city of global business will equip you for success anywhere you choose to locate. Your Baruch education in International Business or International Marketing can be your passport to a rewarding career.

Business is Global

It is no longer possible to think of business in local or even national terms. The economy in which businesses, large and small, now operate is a global one. Markets for products and services are worldwide. Suppliers and competitors are not only across the street–they are all around the globe. To compete effectively requires an understanding of the international dimensions of business.

Because of economic, political, legal and cultural differences across nations, the problems encountered in international operations are often different from those experienced locally. In order to deal with them effectively, managers and professionals must be able to apply ways of thinking, negotiating and making decisions designed for the diversity, complexity and dynamism that are the hallmarks of doing business globally.

Even those who believe their work to be purely domestic are finding that international forces inevitably come into play, bringing with them unexpected challenges and new opportunities. An understanding of international business is essential, no matter what a business does or where it does it.

For More Information:

  • Contact Professor Myung-Soo Lee, Faculty Advisor for the International Business Program, at (646) 312-3273.
  • Visit the Weissman Center for International Business, 137 East 25th Street, 8th Floor, or callĀ  (646) 312-2070.
  • Call the Undergraduate Advisement Center at (646) 312-4260.